Chaos is their Objective Communist tactics spotlighted: reproduction of two articles in the issue

of the ‘Record’ for February (1951) by Arthur Deakin and TG McManus

Transport & General Workers Union Pamphlet


This pamphlet reproduces two articles, by Deakin and McManus, claiming that Union movements are being subverted by Communist plotting and that this activity must be stamped out so the Unions are not “used to destroy the principles and purposes of democracy.”


Deakin, General Secretary of the TGWU, notes the members striking in 1949 were “merely the dupes of the Communist Party” creating chaos in order to “disrupt the industrial and economic life” of Britain. In order to prove this point Deakin points to an article by McManus, former Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Seaman’s Union who were led to “bitter, inglorious ruin” through the involvement of the Communist Party.