What about the Pensioners 

Jack Jones


This pamphlet proposes that Pensioners deserve a better deal, arguing that they “must not have only the right to live, but the right to live well”.

The Attack on Low Wages: Two Years of Social Justice Bargaining

Transport & General Workers Union Pamphlet


This pamphlet dealt the TGWU’s attack on the scandal of low wages and lack of participatory democracy in the workplace

Trade Unionism in the Seventies (1970) by Jack Jones, General Secretary of the TGWU


Transport & General Workers Union Pamphlet

An analysis and prediction by Jack Jones of what will happen to trade unionism in the 1970s. He described the growth of trade unions in recent years and the hope to continue that trend, as well an aim to

Racialism, Fascism and the Trade Unions (1974)

Transport & General Workers Union Pamphlet


This pamphlet detailed the National Front's racist and fascist doctrine and presented an appeal to workers and trade unionists alike to reject the propaganda and rhetoric espoused by the group.

1972 Dock Strike


These photographs from the Morning Star photograph library show some of the thousands of dock workers who came out on strike in response to planned compulsory redundancies.