Trade Unionism in the Seventies (1970) by Jack Jones, General Secretary of the TGWU


Transport & General Workers Union Pamphlet

An analysis and prediction by Jack Jones of what will happen to trade unionism in the 1970s. He described the growth of trade unions in recent years and the hope to continue that trend, as well an aim to

increase efficiency, decentralise decision-making and improve local dispute procedures. Jones concluded by stating that, though there has been vast progress made in regards to unions, more can and should be done to achieve trade unionism 'with a human face' – that is, an improved attitude towards people and the ability to provide for all workers in a range of situations. Ultimately, trade unions have a responsibility to care for those in our society and consider human needs above all: "The 1970s can open up a new constructive world for the trade unions, and a much better world for the workers they represent."