Racialism, Fascism and the Trade Unions (1974)

Transport & General Workers Union Pamphlet


This pamphlet detailed the National Front's racist and fascist doctrine and presented an appeal to workers and trade unionists alike to reject the propaganda and rhetoric espoused by the group.

It recounted the roots of racism in the UK, the growing popularity of fascism from the 1930s onwards, and how working-class solidarity and the direct action of the labour movement to oppose fascists contributed to stemming its continued growth. It further noted how the National Front had recently announced that it would target working-class organisations such as Trade Unions to weaken and fracture the left; a threat made graver by some small electoral gains. The pamphlet also assessed that the NF's progress lay in their ability to opportunistically exploit real economic grievances of the population to gain support and legitimise their ideas. It outlined how the left should be vigilant of this movement expanding and taking advantage of real economic concerns to scapegoat migrants, an issue which is extremely pertinent today. It summarised that the labour movement should defend workers' rights and remove any prospect of racism and fascism penetrating the working-class.