Women’s Handbook (1980)


This Handbook produced in 1980 traces the history of women in the Union Movement and the fight for equality within both Unions and the workplace.

Tackling Tebbit! A TGWU Guide for Shop Stewards (1982)

Transport & General Workers Union Pamphlet

This booklet explained the proposed anti-union legislation by Norman Tebbit, then Secretary of State for Employment, and suggestions of how to combat this threat.

Save Our Health Service (1977)

Transport & General Workers Union Pamphlet


Foreword by Jack Jones: "Our National Health Service is under attack" - by those who wish to destroy its very nature and refuse to fund it properly. The TGWU submitted evidence to a Royal Commission which was examining the operation of the NHS, the largest single employer in the UK.

Target 35: The Case for the 35Hr Week by Jack Jones (1976)

Transport & General Workers Union Pamphlet


Trade unions have always existed to secure better conditions of employment and a higher quality of life, thus a shorter working week is a high priority at any time.

Fares Please!

An Oral History of London Bus Workers

By Digital Works


This project is an oral history of the workers on the iconic London Bus, exploring the lives of drivers, conductors, cleaners, mechanics and designers.