Safari Park Dispute 1978


A copy of a letter and timeline history of Safari Park Dispute dated 1978.

Salute to Jack Jones

Celebrate the Two Million

To Meet Moss Evans


A copy of the Transport & General Workers Union souvenir of Special Festival at The Royal Albert Hall 20th Febuary 1978.

The Hanger Dispute 1985


The Hanger Dispute, involving 300 artificial limbmakers, was a long and difficult dispute. It is impossible to relay all the things that happened during the dispute, but hopefully this sort summary will at last place on record some of the developments

Dock Strike Centenary


Copy of the 1889 Centenary programme from Millwall Park 12th August 1989.


In 1888 life for the mass of working people in the East End of London was far from good. Bad housing, poor sanitation and under employment or unemployment was the lot of many.

British Steel Under Privatisation


A pulication in 1989 by The TUC Steel Committee, setting out in general terms their views on the future of the steel industry after the 1988 change of ownership.