VOLUME 6    



Chapter 1    

Setting the scene

  • The climax of deindustrialisation: rise of finance
  • New types of labour
  • New type of Labour Party: New Labour
  • An organising union: a new united union
  • Financial crisis: Unite and political change


Chapter 2    

Maintaining militancy

  • Liverpool dockers 1997-98
  • BA Cabin Crew 1997
  • Longbridge closure 2000
  • House of Commons cleaners 2004
  • Cate Gourmet


Chapter 3    

Asserting equalities

  • BAME
  • Gender


Chapter 4    

TGW, New Labour and the development of an authentic TU political agenda

  • Bill Morris backs social partnership 1997-98
  • Tony Woodley challenges New Labour: TU Freedom Bill; organising agenda
  • Broad Left


Chapter 5    

UNITE Thw Union

  • a new type of union



All: assessment of resistance to de-industrialisation

NW: Liverpool dockers Midlands: Longbridge closure

London: organising agenda and victories for casual workers


Strategic questions

  • How was support for the New Labour agenda secured and how was it challenged ?
  • How far is the organising agenda able to match the fluid, casualised structure of work ?
  • How far can community engagement and wider national political campaigns create a new mass base for trade union organisation ?