Jacob Goddard

Interview by Mark Metcalf


Barrow born Jacob Goddard speaks about why he became an active Unite member within Barclays in Leeds at a relatively young age. 

After completing his degree, Jacob had difficulty in finding permanent work and he describes precarious employment experiences in various Leeds call centres where he witnessed people getting made redundant without due process as there was no union to represent workers.


Debbie Wilkinson

Interview by Mark Metcalf


In brief, Debbie talks about her upbringing and from which she acquires a rudimentary knowledge of trade unions from visiting the Durham Miners’ Gala as a youngster and then later as Co-op Bank employee.


Jim Simms

Interview by Mark Metcalf


A brief overview of my TU background


My grandfather was a founder member of the ILP. My mother assisted red Helen Wilkinson MP on the hunger marched in the 1930s. My dad was a Trade Union delegate for the Blastfurnace Union. I started work as a metal worker in the shipyards on the Tees in the mid 1960s.

Abdul Tan Rashid

Interview by Mark Metcalf


My name is Abdul Tanveer Rashid and I am known as Tan.

I was born in Middlesbrough Parkside Hospital in December in the year 1978.  My parents were both born in Pakistan with my dad coming to England as a child in 1963 and my mother arriving after marrying my dad in 1976.


Fares Please!

An Oral History of London Bus Workers

By Digital Works


This project is an oral history of the workers on the iconic London Bus, exploring the lives of drivers, conductors, cleaners, mechanics and designers.